Do Virtual Assistants Need A Website – 5 Benefits To Having A Website

Do Virtual Assistants Need A Website – 5 Benefits To Having A Website

You might be wondering do Virtual Assistants need a website? There certainly are a lot of benefits to having a website for your Virtual Assistant business and I’ll go into more detail below.

5 Benefits To Having A Website As A Virtual Assistant

There are some main benefits to having a website as a Virtual Assistant but it might not be necessary for you when you’re first starting out. I’ll go through some of these benefits and that should help you decide if you want to have a website for your business.

It Looks More Professional

Having a website does look very professional. It’s a great place for potential clients to have a look at what you have to offer and learn more about you and your business.

It helps to have the different ways to contact you on your website too so that if you’re found through search they can email you or fill out your contact form. You can then get a discovery call arranged or even embed your calendly calendar on your website for clients to book themselves.

There’s a lot to learn about discovery calls, that’s why I’ve written a guide on how to prepare for a discovery call which you can read next.


You Can Display Client Feedback

A website is a great place to include client feedback/testimonials. People don’t generally like to buy a product or service without first finding out what other people have said.

I know I always like to read reviews before I commit to buying something, so this would be no different.

If you’re a new Virtual Assistant, you might not have clients to display testimonials yet. You could ask employers and people that you’ve worked with to write a testimonial about what it was like working with you.

Basically ask anyone that has worked with you recently, to write a few sentences and you can include these on your website, until you can replace them with client feedback.

It Makes Your Business Look Legitimate

There’s no denying that it makes your business look legitimate by having a website. It helps potential clients to know that your business is genuine and not a scam. Scammers are everywhere these days so it’s no surprise that people are suspicious when it comes to online businesses.

On that note, be aware of scams yourself. If someone sends a PM to you and it sounds too good to be true.. it probably is.


Having a website with a clear picture of yourself, contact details and everything they need to know about your business – goes a long way to prove the legitimacy of your business and brand.

You Can Showcase Your Skills And Services

A website is a great place to display the services that you plan to offer potential clients. You can showcase your skills and previous job roles on your website too.

It can also be a great place to show a case study when you work with clients. That way when anyone looks at your website, they have a good idea of what it is you can do to help them with their business.

Try to include your services on the main page of your website, even if you plan on having multiple pages for a blog etc. What you have to offer should be one of the first things that potential clients see.

It’s A Central Place To Send Clients

A website is a great central place to send clients when they want to learn more about you before they decide to work with you. As long as you’ve clearly included what it is you do and how you help businesses, then a website will really work in your favour.

The truth is that sometimes people don’t even know what a Virtual Assistant is and what they do, let alone whether they would benefit from one.

Even if you plan on using social media to promote your business and get clients, it would really help you to be able to put a link to your website in your profile.

If a potential client is interested in learning more about you, they can do so from your social media. Even before you are gaining traffic from Google or Pinterest.

do virtual assistants need a website

Do Virtual Assistants Need A Website

Whether or not you need a website will depend on your current financial situation, the services you’re providing and the time you have available.

Virtual Assistants don’t necessarily need a website for their business. However it does make your business look professional and legitimate. It’s also a great place to showcase your services and more importantly, it’s a way you can show potential clients what you can do to help them and their business.

As a blogger, I always think that a website is worth creating. I like to have somewhere to send people where I provide value and tips for free.

As I mentioned, your finances might mean that you can’t start a website straight away. A website can be free to get started but normally you have to pay a small amount each month for hosting and you’ll need to buy your domain name as well.

If that’s difficult for you to do, you can always wait until you have your first few clients and then set up your website. In the meantime you can always create your own alternative portfolio – which I talk about further down this post.

If you decide to set up your website, just make sure that it is optimised for SEO. You can write blog posts about the knowledge you have around your services and skills and once the website starts to get traffic, you could even monetize it for some passive income.

The Key Information You Need On Your Website

  • Contact details
  • Your services and skills
  • How you can help
  • Testimonials

Other Things To Consider

In terms of SEO and making your website look professional and function correctly. There are some other things to consider when creating your website.

  • Have an SSL Certificate (This converts your website from http into https)
  • Make sure you choose a good theme and that your colour scheme is visually appealling
  • Using a logo does make your business look more professional
  • Make sure it’s easy to navigate with links to your important pages
  • Include a Privacy Policy and Terms And Conditions page
  • Ensure your website is mobile friendly
  • Include a ¬© and current year in the footer
benefits to having a website as a virtual assistant


Some Virtual Assistants don’t like to display their prices on their website. It’s completely up to you but I think it can be beneficial to include your hourly rate and pricing packages on your website.

I personally do include my hourly rate and packages because I think it’s good to be transparent. If you were shopping for something online, you would expect to see the price on the website so that’s my logic behind the decision.

It helps potential clients to know straight away how much you charge. It should also put off clients that cannot afford your packages and therefore there’s less chance of it wasting your time (and their’s) by having a discovery call when they’re unable to hire you at that time.

If you don’t want to include your pricing on your website, that’s totally ok!

If you would rather not set up your website yourself or you don’t have the time, you could also hire someone to do this for you. I would recommend Darren VA Websites, he creates beautiful professional websites and he has a Facebook group that you can join for tips and support.

Alternative Virtual Assistant Portfolios

If you aren’t currently in a position to launch a website for your website, you could design something yourself to use as a portfolio. Bearing in mind that I would always recommend setting up a website in the future, when you can.

Facebook Page

Setting up a Facebook page is so easy, you can do this in minutes and it’s linked to your personal profile so you can easily sign in and out. I received messages in the first few days of setting up my Facebook page so it’s worth setting this up straight away. Even if you don’t usually use Facebook that often, it’s a good way of telling people about your business and getting started with marketing.


Something else I would recommend is setting up a LinkedIn profile straight away. Make sure your profile is completely filled out with what services you offer and the best way for people to contact you. LinkedIn is known for being good for businesses and professionals, it’s extremely popular for Virtual Assistants and a great way to get clients without a website.


You can create a website for free on Canva. There are a lot of templates available on their free plan to give you a starting point. I haven’t used this myself but it’s a great option. I think you have to be on the Pro paid plan in order to get a custom domain but it’s another great way to build your portfolio for free. Plus Canva is soo easy to use and you can customise it to exactly what you want.

Microsoft Word

Another way you can create a portfolio is by creating one on Microsoft Word and having it has a PDF to download and send to potential clients. Most people have at least some basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, I hope you do… It’s fairly simple to create yourself a one or two page portfolio in Word and then download it to use whenever you apply for an online job opportunity or for your own marketing.

I hope I’ve answered the question do Virtual Assistants need a website well enough. I’m a big fan of having a website in general but I did think it was worth showing some other options in case you want something else initially.



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